Welcome to Crookhey Hall School

Crookhey Hall School exists to provide young people with an educational experience that will not only extend their academic and vocational social skills and abilities, but will also promote personal growth and help to build self-esteem. In this way it is hoped that each individual will aspire to achieve their full potential, eventually leaving school with the determination to make a positive contribution to society in the years to come.

The school itself occupies an enviable 15-acre setting in countryside to the south of Cockerham, near Lancaster and has the capacity to educate 74 boys and girls (10-17 years) as day pupils within nine class groups. The pupils all have statements identifying social, emotional and mental health difficulties and are drawn from towns and cities in the surrounding region, including Blackpool, Fleetwood, Preston, Leyland, Wigan, Blackburn and Lancaster.

Well-resourced specialist facilities, including a large horticulture area, hair and beauty salon, construction workshop and catering department, ensure pupils can focus their interest to a variety of attainable employment opportunities.

The pupils at Crookhey Hall School frequently arrive as disaffected youngsters lacking self-esteem, self-control, direction, goals, role models, expectations and motivation. It is our aim to re-engage pupils in the life and routines of school, habituate attendance and develop socially adjusted young people who can successfully integrate into society and lead productive, purposeful lives.

Crookhey Hall School Curriculum Intent Statement

At Crookhey Hall School, our curriculum is designed to ultimately help all children be the best they can be, make a positive contribution to the wider world they live in and ensure they are fully prepared for life in modern Britain.

Our school strives to provide an inclusive curriculum in a nurturing and structured learning environment. We want all our pupils whatever their background, culture or need to feel safe, secure and valued to enable them to develop academically, socially, emotionally and morally and fulfil their potential. Different strategies will be used at different times as needs arise, we provide a safe, caring and tolerant place that allows pupils to want to re-engage with their learning.

Crookhey Hall is committed to delivering a personalised curriculum driven by accurate assessments of pupil needs and preferences alongside their strengths and areas for development. Pupils are provided with appropriate and challenging pathways helping them to realise their highest abilities.

We have the highest of expectations for our pupils and offer an environment where staff deliver an exciting, creative and innovative curriculum with a wide variety of on-site vocational opportunities. The curriculum encourages the application and use of emerging technologies and seeks to provide confidence, achievement and good behaviour. It is further enhanced by high quality visits and visitors.

The curriculum is complemented by an intensive focus on teaching and teaching and learning programmes, which seek to accelerate basic skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT.

Our key principle behind the design of our curriculum are for our young people:

  • To raise the levels of attainment, enabling them to achieve their personal best
  • Develop confident and enquiring learners who are able to make informed choices
  • Make teaching and learning an enjoyable experience
  • Build on natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning
  • Develop their communication skills
  • Promote self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Access additional therapeutic support based on individual needs
  • Be kind; showing empathy and compassion whilst valuing diversity
  • Have aspirations for the future and know that these can be reached through hard work and determination


At Crookhey Hall School we aim for all our pupils to:

  • Achieve high academic standards
  • Acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to the changing world in which they live
  • Respect and value themselves, other people and the environment
  • Work independently and collaboratively
  • Take responsibility for their own actions and make informed choices
  • Make positive contributions as citizens of the wider world
  • Develop in mind, body and spirit

Admissions and Referrals

Admissions Process

Crookhey Hall School is an Independent school for pupils from ages 10 – 16 with special educational needs. All pupils admitted to Crookhey Hall School will have been initially referred by their Local Authority.

The School welcomes enquiries and visits from parents.

A significant aspect of the referral process is to ascertain that the school can address the Outcomes as described in Section E of the EHCP.  This may relate to all four areas of need:

  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health;
  • Communication and Interaction;
  • Cognition and Learning;
  • Sensory and/or Physical.

In doing so, this should be without negatively impacting upon the efficient education for others.

The school has a dedicated member of staff who is responsible for overseeing the referral process. It is through this staff member that visits are coordinated, information is gathered and arrangements for admission are undertaken.

An admission will only be undertaken when the approval for funding is granted by the appropriate person who holds this authority, within the funding LA.

The School applies the statutory reviewing process (for EHCPs, as set out within the SEND code of practice) and will use this to inform the funding authority of any changes to provision. These changes can relate to the provision provided by Crookhey Hall school and/or identify the type of provision that would better meet need.

Sam Lea is responsible for ensuring that the school only admits pupils who’s Special Educational Needs can be met. To summarise, in all cases, pupils will only be considered for admission if:

  • They have a current EHCP;
  • Funding has been formally agreed with the respective Local Authority and an Individual Placement Agreement has been completed and signed by relevant parties;
  • The special needs of the pupil, can be met by the school;
  • The provision, described in Section F of the EHCP, is such as can be met by the school;
  • All up to date information concerning the pupil, including the most recent reviews, reports and the EHCP will be provided by the funding authority;
  • There is a place available in the appropriate class / year group;
  • It is compatible with the provision of efficient education for others;
  • The child / young person’s attendance does not jeopardise the safety of others.