VE day the 75th anniversary

VE day 8th May 2020-(Our Bank holiday Monday has been changed from Monday the 4th May to Friday the 8th May to mark this very important occasion.)

75th anniversary


VE Day, or Victory in Europe Day, is a day dedicated to commemorating the official end of the Second World War. The day celebrates the formal acceptance of Nazi Germany’s surrender during world war 11. As this day is so important the May bank holiday, which is usually held on a Monday, was moved to a Friday to allow for three days of celebration.

There were many celebrations planned for the 75th anniversary as this is a very proud victory however due to the coronovirus these have had to be rescheduled. Although the celebrations are being delayed to August the public are still being encouraged to take part in the ‘Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of WW2’ from their home on the 8th May. The toast will take place at 3pm on that day, and will serve as a thank you to those who gave their lives to ensure the freedom the country enjoys today.

If you would like to get further involved in the celebrations please use this link to download some templates from the BBC website.

UK residents are also being encouraged to host their own party on 8 May, to mark the occasion with a socially distant celebration. You are encouraged to decorate your homes in red, white and blue, and enjoy a picnic in your garden. The idea is that neighbors in streets across the country will come out to decorate their homes in flags and bunting, and enjoy the festivities while still observing the government’s social distancing guidance.

Use this link for ideas on food and decorations for you party

tips for planning your VE Day party online.

Enjoy the day and spare a thought for the bravery of those people who experienced the war.