Friday Enrichment – Helping the Community

Whilst out on an Outdoor Education trip recently, we drove past St Johns Graveyard in Ellel, near Galgate, Lancaster.   When in conversion with the pupils, I explained that all my relatives were buried in the grave yard.  One of the pupils said it looks scruffy and not very nice.  I replied, well let’s contact the church and offer our services to make it a better place for the public and, we can do this as part of the Friday Enrichment programme.

I spoke to the Reverend Craig Abbott and arranged a meeting with two of our pupils on the trip. We said we could offer our services on a Friday and they welcomed us with open arms.  The pupils have made bird boxes for the graveyard trees and also made some nice plant boxes for the entrance.

The pupils have worked really hard and, are making a huge difference. The lady who lives next door to the graveyard came and spoke to us, on Friday 28th January thanking us for the work that we are doing as she has seen a big difference to the look of the graveyard. She particularly mentioned the bird boxes and how lovely they looked.

The pupils offered to make her one for her garden too. The lady said she will bake us some biscuits for our break time next Friday!

As a member of staff at Crookhey Hall school I felt very proud of our pupils and the way they behaved in public.

Mr. Mark Bolton – Vocational Support Worker  

St Johns Church, Ellel and our pupils in action.