Celebrating the official opening of The Woodlands classrooms

Crookhey Hall School celebrated the official opening of its new classrooms to the public on 3rd July 2019.

Based on Garstang Road, south of Cockerham in Lancaster within 15-acres of stunning grounds and woodland, the school offers boys and girls with special education needs (SEN) aged between 10-17 years old the opportunity to learn in a compassionate and therapeutic setting.

Pupils identified as having social, emotional and mental health difficulties have access to specialist facilities geared towards broad practical interests. This ensures that they are given every chance to re-engage with learning and overcome any pre-existing boundaries in their education.

The outstanding learning environment at Crookhey Hall is overseen by an experienced and understanding leadership team, who are committed to ensuring pupils attending the school are able to meet their full potential, both vocationally and in terms of their personal development.

Individual curriculum and meaningful futures

The new classrooms at Crookhey Hall will provide stimulating spaces from which pupils can explore a wide range of accredited courses ranging from practical subjects such as horticulture and catering through to humanities and literacy.

These courses help form bespoke curriculums tailored towards the specific needs and personal leanings of pupils allows Crookhey Hall to empower pupils towards expanding their social skills and academic abilities.

Personal growth and building of pupils’ self-esteem is actively encouraged, with a nurturing wraparound academic and vocational provision allowing the pupils to re-adjust to the routines of school; improving their attendance and impress upon each individual a sense of direction and motivation.

By working independent and collaboratively, pupils attending Crookhey Hall leave the school with a renewed sense of respect and value for not only themselves, but also the people existing within the colleges, workplaces and the ever changing communities which they will enter into once they are school leavers.

Calm classrooms and zero challenging behaviour

Joe Holliman and Yvonne Lee have taken ownership of the first of the three classrooms.  Their expertise combined with the very well-equipped classroom has benefitted their class immensely.’

“Incidents of challenging behaviour have dropped to zero and the pupils are calmer and better equipped to learn. I am extremely proud of Joe and Yvonne and the difference they have made to their pupils’ experience of education.”

Samantha Lea, headteacher at Crookhey Hall speaking on the open day.