The Acorn Education & Care Group

Acorn Education & Care has unmatched reach, capacity and expertise

The Acorn Education and Care Group is the largest combined children’s services group in the UK.

We specialise in working with children and young people who have complex needs. Their needs may be behavioural, emotional, social, learning, physical or a combination.

We build care around the unique situation and individual circumstances of each child by providing frontline fostering, educational and care services.

When it comes to looking after our children, we never settle for second best. The care we provide is consistently exceptional. Our independent quality committee meets quarterly to monitor our services and drive continuous improvement.

Regulators and clients consistently judge our services as outstanding.

Our Purpose

Small steps make a big difference

Our aim is simple; to work with the children entrusted to us, step-by-step, day-by-day, to help them achieve their potential.

Our expert carers, teachers and specialists work in tailored environments to help young people make progressive, incremental improvements. We monitor the progress of our children very carefully, making adjustments to the individual development plan of each child as needed.

Their goals may seem small to the outside world but they make an enormous difference to the children. Slowly, but surely, we help our children and young people to achieve their potential. We have as much patience as it takes.

Every better day is another step towards a better life. That’s what we believe in – better days, better lives.

Our Partnerships

How we work

Partnership is key to our success

Acorn Education and Care is a family of specialist services that build strong partnerships with those who support our children and young people.

We take the lead in liaising with carers and families and involving the relevant agencies and authorities to build the appropriate care around the particular needs of those we look after.

We continuously measure our progress and invest in each of our services to ensure the care we provide is outstanding. By sharing learning and best practice across the organisation, our people are enabled to do what they do best – enhance the daily lives of the children they care for and educate.

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